Our Team North Brisbane

Who we are

Mark Hayman

Mark is the owner of Accurate Pest Management and has been in the Pest business since he was 17 and is a second generation ‘PESTI’. Mark loves camping with his wife Lisa and their two adorable children. Mark loves his Holden VL Commodores…can anyone help with this unfortunate addiction! I am sure his wife Lisa would agree!

Garth Seymour

Garth is our General Manager and has lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 23 years. Garth was in Banking & Finance for over 30 years. Garth was very involved with the Alex Surf Club, but now Golf is Garth’s passion however, practice is not making perfect!


Jamie Makenzie


Caine Burgess

Caine is our Pre-Construciton Manager for North Brisbane and is one of our Senior Technicians working in both Pre-Construction and is a qualified General Timber Pest Technician.
Caine is a dedicated family man and has been married for 15 years to his wife and they have 2 children.  Caines passion is his Martial Arts they call me Bruce!...not going to Enter the Dragon any time soon!


Anton Pavic

Anton is our Senior Pre-Construction Technician for the North Brisbane office. After a long career in Venue Management in Hotels throughout Brisbane, Anton changed direction to now being a very recognised Technician in the Pre-Construction field. Anton is all about family and loves to discuss his children.

Ben King

Ben joined Accurate Pest Management with a plethora of experience in many fields. He has slotted into the role of Pre-Construction technician for North Brisbane with ease and quickly becoming a valued team member.  Ben and his partner just welcomed a new bouncing baby boy!

Craig Givney

Craig is our Senior General & Timber Pest Technician, who works in North Brisbane.  Craig has been in the Pest Control industry for the last 10 years.  
After more than 20 years as an Executive Chef, Craig wanted to spend quality time with his daughter and that was not acheivable when doing more than 70 hours per week.
Fishing is Craig's passion and was hooked from the age of 8.  Craig hopes with his dedicated training will have his Black Belt in Martial Arts in 12-18 months.