Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment

Help! I have found Termites - But please do not stress.

If you discover you have Termites, DO NOT DISTURB the area or spray using a domestic chemical. Call or email Accurate Pest Management immediately and we will prioritize one of our highly trained technicians to accommodate your needs as quickly as possible.

(Termite Sub Nests August 2017 - Buderim)

If a Termite Treatment is being conducted, we strongly recommend having a full Termite Inspection carried out, as there is a good chance Termites could be active elsewhere within the property. The most effective way to eliminate the nest is to ensure all activity is identified and treated.

(Examples of Termite ingress through Termite Mudding Tubes into property)

Severe Termite Damage to roof - Mooloolaba 2019


If the customer declines a full Termite Inspection of the property, a disclaimer must be signed by the customer indemnifying Accurate Pest Management for any subsequent damage to the property as a result of termite activity.

After the Termite Treatment has been completed, a free follow up inspection will be organized in 21 days to check on treated timber and to make sure the treatment was a success.

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(Treating Termites using Termiticide Foam or Spray exposed area)

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