Chemical Termite Management System Installation

Chemical Termite Management System installation

Concrete/Tile Areas

Step 1: Drill Holes in Slab/Tiles (Grouting)

Step 2: Inject holes under pressure with termiticide

(Ian Reed - Accurate Pest Management)

Step 3: Cap Holes in slab with plugs & clean/use the drilled out grout and cement to plug holes & clean

Soil Areas

Step: 1 Trench to top of slab footing and clean

Step 2: Flood trench with termiticide while back filling

(Ian Reed - Accurate Pest Management)


Install a SX Termite Reticulation System to the trench & flood with chemical.

The SX Reticulation System can then be recharged with Termiticide chemical years later

Step 3: Return garden to original

Colour Matching Plugs for when we Drill & Inject Concrete areas

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