Silverfish (Ctenolepisma longicaudata): Agile and fast running insect with a flattened long tapering wingless body, covered in silvery scales.  The adult Silverfish grows to approximately 18mm in length.  It has long antennae and three long abdominal tails.  Nymphs look like small adults.  The only insect to moult as an adult.  Females lay eggs singly or in small batches and usually hatch in 2-8 weeks.  Nymphs mature into adults in 3-24 months and can live as long as 4 years. 

Within buildings Silverfish may be found almost anywhere, like roof & wall cavities, subfloors and many other places in the home.  Nocturnal and shun light are found in dark places eating items containing starch, preferring wallpaper glue, binding on books, paper, photographs and fabrics.