Termite Inspection

Photo's - taken 25th February 2019 Buderim (Near Mons Road)

Just like the Iceberg that sunk the Titanic, here you can see the tip of the termite nest (first image LHS) and the termite nest below the decking in the second image.


Termite Inspection

Why we should get an annual Termite (Visual Timber Pest) Inspection

An annual Termite Inspection plays a vital role in checking your home for any Termite activity and if you have any Termite damage. Whilst conducting the Termite Inspection our Technicians are trained to look for other timber pest activity or evidence.  The technician will also look for conditions i.e. high moisture levels, leaking taps etc that may attract termites and if you have a suitable Termite Management System in place.

If your home has been built after January 2001, it may also be critical in maintaining the Warranty on the physical Termite Management System that was likely installed during construction.

All of our Timber Pest Technicians are Licenced to inspect every form of Physical Termite Management System that complies to Australian Standards.


Photo's - Taken 17th June 2019 Buderim

(Images showing Termite Mudding up subfloor wall and after just 12 months since last Termite Inspection). 

How long will a Termite Inspection take?

Depending on the size of the house, but a 3-4 bedroom home will take 1 ½ - 2 hours to complete.

How do you check for Termites?

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will inspect the immediate building and to the boundary or 50 metres checking door frames, skirting boards, kitchen and bathroom cupboards (also checking moisture levels) window sills, architraves, roof trusses, house stumps, timber in contact with the ground (fences, stairs, verandas etc).

(Justin Self - Technician Accurate Pest Management)

(Photo's - taken 22nd May 2019 Sunshine Coast)

In these images you can see a Termite Nest has established itself directly under the Air Conditioning Outlet pipe.


What happens after the inspection?

You will receive a full report on your home, detailing if there are any active termites, evidence of termite damage, if a termite management system is in place, any fungal decay, wood borer activity or damage, evidence of conditions conducive to timber pest attack.

What if I have Termites?

Termite treatments are often required during an inspection, and all of our technicians carry specific termite treatment equipment on their vehicle at all times.

What if I have no Termite Management System or the current system has expired?

Our highly trained and experienced technician will recommend in the report, if you need to re-instate or install a Termite Management System and supply a quote.

If evidence of a physical program was found. AS3660.1, 3660.2 and 3660.3 recommends this be supported by a supplementary Termite Management Program after 10 years.

We’ll even show you simple things you can do to minimize the risk of these timber pests. We’ll provide you with an annual reminder so that you won’t forget to have your termite inspection done at the recommended intervals.

(Termite species: Schedorhinotermes Intermedius - Maroochydore 2018)

(Images are for illustration purposes only) (Justin Self – Technician Accurate Pest Management)

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