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Mark Hayman

Mark is the owner of Accurate Pest Management and has been in the Pest business since he was 17 and is a second generation ‘PESTI’. Mark loves camping with his wife Lisa and their two adorable children. Mark loves his Holden VL Commodores…can anyone help with this unfortunate addiction! I am sure his wife Lisa would agree!

Garth Seymour

Garth is our General Manager and has lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 23 years. Garth was in Banking & Finance for over 30 years. Garth was very involved with the Alex Surf Club, but now Golf is Garth’s passion however, practice is not making perfect!

Chris Nelson

Chris our Business Development Manager and now taken on the role as the Termite Management System Specialist, which involves talking to all the prospective clients that need a Termite Management System installed. Chris starting his career in the Military, then in advertising, before settling on the Sunshine Coast a few years ago. Chris likes to think he’s a Rock God with his bass guitar…if only he could really play! 

Tammy Ward

Tammy is our office Manager. Tammy looks after the running of the office and finances, Tammy has a massive job looking after invoicing for both the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane. Tammy’s passion is both the Big Bash with her Adelaide Strikers and the Adelaide Crows AFL team. Tammy and her husband buy pet food each week and donate to SCARS, I think we could all learn a lesson here.


Anita Neilsen

Anita's role is looking after the accounts and the book keeping for both the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane offices.  Anita has lived on the Sunshine Coast for the last 5 years, after most of her life living in numerous locations across Australia.  Anita loves swimming, surfing & fishing, however her real passion is riding a motor bike and she can't wait to buy a new one soon.  Anita also plays the Cello...impressive, most impressive!



Lynda Thiesfield

Lynda has joined the ranks and quickly settled into the role of booking in our Pest Control jobs and liaising with our customers.  Lynda brings a lot of experience after a number of years in the Pest Control Industry.  Lynda is a home grown Sunshine Coast girl and even though she has lived all over Australia, moved back to the Sunshine Coast to raise her children. Lynda joy is camping and especially the beach, however Lynda's passion is going  to the Gympie Muster every year...Yeaha, bring on the boot scooting, cowgirl boots and lets not forget the big shiny Belt Buckle!

Narelle Clee

Narelle has started with us and brings a vast amount of experience with her after working in the Pest Control Industry for the last 12 years, here on the Sunshine Coast.  How lucky are we.  Narelle's role will be the Real Estate Guru and I am sure the Property Managers will be keen to see her, especially when she brings the Tim Tams. Narelle and her husband will be celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary this year, in this day and age a fantastic milestone, congratulations. Narelle is very passionate about her family especially the Grand Kids and very excited that there is another one on the way.  Narelle and her husband love to go on cruises and have cruised around New Zealand twice and around the Pacific Islands.  Europe is hopefully the next adventure.

Nikala Slade

Nikala is currently on Parental Leave.

Wayne Oliver

Wayne is our General & Timber Pest Manager and has spent more than 20 years in the industry. Wayne’s phone doesn’t stop ringing from clients wanting some advice or help. Wayne is our resident Rural Firefighter donating all his spare time to the community. He is always looking out for others!

Ian Reed

Ian is Wayne’s 2IC in General & Timber Pest Control and is our longest serving  technician. Clients are always asking Ian to come back the following year.  Ian is a devoted fisherman and loves to talk about the latest catch…Apparently you can see it on you tube but we still have not seen the evidence or a fillet of fish for that matter!

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan is one of our Senior General & Timber Pest Control Technicians and gets the job done without a fuss and is up on all the latest Pest Control trends. Ryan is also our resident encyclopedia and comes up with incredible facts. He would make a great trivia night member that’s for sure!

Greg Dale

Greg is one of our most experienced and dedicated General & Timber Pest Technician’s.  Greg’s passion is the V8 Supercars and if not watching the cars zooming around a track, is saving his money for his next overseas trip. Greg loves being a Grandfather and I would say spoils them rotten.

Will Spence

Will is another one of our Senior General & Timber Pest Control Technicians. Will has been on the Sunshine Coast for a long time and brings a vast knowledge of Pest Control experience on the Coast and he’s looking forward to working in a fantastic work environment. Will’s passion is the NRL and his team is the Parramatta Eel’s and NSW State of Origin Team. Not going to go there!

Kris Dwyer

Kris recently started as our first General & Timber Pest Control trainee. Kris has now completed his Certificate III in General & Timber Pest Control and is now fully qualified Technician and on the road helping our clients.  After years in cabinet making, Kris loves being on the road and outdoors.  Kris loves to go fishing with his son.

Justin Self

Justin is our Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspector; a role he is revelling in and Justin is relishing this new challenge. Justin is another one of our volunteer firefighters for the community on the Sunshine Coast and is quick to lend a hand.

Luke Craske

Luke is our Pre-Construction Manager; he is a career ‘PESTI and is also CERT III qualified with General & Timber Pest Management.  Luke excels at looking after his team and liaising with builders while quoting all the building plans. Luke is another avid golfer however; unlike Garth he plays like a pro!  

Taleah Johnson

Taleah is our youngest team member and so wise for her age, her role has recently changed to looking after and booking in jobs for the Pre-Construction team while liaising with builders and supervisors. Taleah also does up all the physical termite certificates & Form 16's for new builds . Taleah loves netball, music and camping.

Marty Collins

Marty is Luke’s 2IC in Pre-Construction and has taken on a new role as our Builder Relationship Manager, cementing the on going partnerships with our builders. Marty’s role also includes training our new pre-construction technicians in the field. Hunting is Marty’s stress relief along with his sense of humour; he has us all in stiches whenever he is in the office.

Laurie Kearny

Laurie is one of our senior Pre-Construction Technicians. Laurie is very passionate about his work and brings that passion in support of his wife and the Sunshine Coast Dragons Abreast. Dragon Boating racing is catching on and not surprisingly, a great way to keep fit!

Peter Bertwistle

Peter is another of our senior Pre-Construction Technicians and his work ethic is second to none. Classic actions speak louder than words kind of guy; he is like the Duracell Battery, just keeps on going and going and going! Peter’s team is the Brisbane Bronco’s. Let’s go Bronco’s let’s go!

Josh Shaw

Josh is our youngest Pre-Construction technician, but now has a few years under his belt. Josh has also just completed his Certificate III Timber Pest Accreditation. Josh’s love of tattoos is well known and he is a walking art gallery.

Brad Hoffmeister

Brad (AKA -The Hoff) If not singing on the Berlin Wall, you can see Brad on new building sites as one of our experienced Pre-construction Technicians. Since joing the team Brad and his wife have welcomed twins...double the trouble!

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