Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase (Visual Timber Pest) Inspection

Why should I get a Pre-Purchase (visual timber pest) inspection?

Looking to purchase a home?

The REIQ Contract of Sale (approved by the Queensland Law Society) has provision in the schedule for the contract to be subject to finance, a building inspection and/or a pest inspection if these are required. However, parties may also agree to vary the standard conditions in the contract.

Be it an established or new home, we recommend you engage a qualified Timber Pest Accredited Technician and Independent Building Inspector. This is to make sure the home you are buying is free from any timber pests or major defects.

(The Pest Technician will also advise if the property has a current Termite Management System in place & also advise of any excess moisture levels and any other pest concerns).

This is normally done with-in the first 14 days after signing a contract on the home.

How long will a Pre- Purchase (Visual Timber Pest) Inspection take?

It depends upon the size of the house; usually a 3-4-bedroom home will take between 1-2 hours to complete. We also recommend the buyer be present at the property during the inspection.

(Mark Hayman – Owner Accurate Pest Management) Discussing Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection with prospective buyer (Mark Hayman – Owner Accurate Pest Management) Discussing Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection with prospective buyer

(Mark Hayman – Owner Accurate Pest Management)
Discussing Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection with prospective buyer.

What is involved in the Pre- Purchase (Visual Timber Pest) Inspection?

Our highly trained and experienced Timber Pest Technician (Level 3 Certified) will inspect the immediate building and to the boundary or 50 metres checking door frames, skirting boards, kitchen and bathroom cupboards (also checking moisture levels) window sills, architraves, roof trusses, house stumps, timber in contact with the ground (fences, stairs, verandas, landscaping timbers & tree stumps etc).

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection in roof voidchecking moisture levelsAnnual Termite Inspections have been kept up to date

What happens after the inspection?

You will receive a full report on the house, detailing if there is any visual evidence of Timber Pest attack at the time of inspection and our Technician will welcome your call should you have any questions.

Some Building Inspectors can also do the Pest Inspection?

This is why we think two (experienced) heads are better than one!!

  • Both are experienced, qualified tradesmen with over 20 years servicing the Sunshine Coast
  • Both know how to rectify any problems they encounter and the likely costs
  • Both know how to ease the mind of an anxious purchaser
  • Both have extensive connections with local trades
  • Both provide a most thorough, autonomous and easy to read report

Whilst two inspectors and seperate reports may cost a little more, the actual difference is approximately 0.015% on a $550k purchase price!

Recently, it has become common for some Building Inspectors to obtain their “pest licence” and offer a combined service.

But let’s consider the customer experience!!


  APM Single Opperators

Up to 10 Qualified Technicians to meet PPI appointment needs

Experience in Pre-Construction Physical Termite Management Systems

Experience in Chemical Termite Management Systems
Actively treating termites in todays’ environment
Knowledge of Termiticides and life expectancies
Ability to treat active termites if found
Dedicated office/admin team
Known “hot spots” on the Sunshine Coast
Locally owned family company


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