Why call a professional Pest Controller

Paper Wasps!

Why call a professional Pest Controller?

Paper wasps!

By Chris Nelson

Business Development Manager

Accurate Pest Management


What do you call a wasp?

A wanna-bee!

Where are wasps born?



I think my jokes are getting worse, but by now I hope you might be getting my sense of humor.


Of all the flying insects here in South East Queensland, there is none that strike fear into the hearts of all that approach the dreaded Paper wasp! Even the bold and brave approach the paper wasp nest like you are trying to tame a lion.  Slowly, slowly you approach in a sideways like crab position with your can of fly spray at arms length and ready to do a combat roll and then bolt as they prepare to bomb dive you!


Anyone who has had the displeasure of a sting or should I say multiple stings from a Paper Wasp know how painful these stings are. If you are like me I react badly with sever swelling.  It was only a few years ago, when pruning back my palms trees.  I was so focused on cutting and clearing out the branches I did not notice a massive Paper Wasp nest hidden within the palms. 

Big mistake!  WHAM, POW, CRUNCH just like Batman taking on the Jokers henchman, I was attacked all over my arm while it was within the cluster of palm fronts and branches.

The pain was excruciating and within a few minutes my arm looked like Popeye’s right arm, where’s my spinach!  I had to take a couple of days off work and popping antihistamines and feeling very sorry for myself. 

I did find the Paper Wasp nest the following weekend and the nest was nearly 30cm long!

If you are allergic or just don’t want to approach these flying Ninja Warriors, then the best thing to do is bring in a professional Pest Controller, who can look over you premises and locate the Paper Wasp nest and exterminate!

If you need or want any advise and would like to book in a General Pest Control or exterminate these Flying Ninja Warriors.  Please call Accurate Pest Management on 1300 787 415 or go to our website and book online.


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