Why call a professional Pest Controller


Why call a professional Pest Controller?


By Chris Nelson Business Development Manager Accurate Pest Management

What do you get if you cross some ants with some tics?
All sorts of antics.

Isn’t it just amazing as the warmer weather arrives so do the ants. Of course they are seeking food and water...but not in my home!

There are so many species of ants, but one common myth is they are related to (the White Ant) Termites, but of course they are not. Just so you can boast to your friends or it may come up in a trivial night, termites are related to the Cockroach.

Generally ants are not a threat, unless you have seen the movie Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, OMG those ants are nasty, will have to make sure I carry a crystal skull with me next time I am in the Amazon!

On a more serious note some of the more common ants found on the Sunshine Coast are:

Ghost Ant: These very small ants tend to prefer warmer, wet habitats. If found indoors, their trails often lead to sinks, baths, toilets and showers. Indoor Ghost ants contaminate household foods by attacking sugary items like chocolate, cakes and sugar.


Argentine Ants: This species of ant have a sweet tooth however will eat insects, meat, cereals and fruit. Nests are hard to find as they will travel long distances sourcing food.

Black House Ant: This ant species are highly attracted to sweets and will scavenge for food whether in your kitchen or your garbage and also dog excrement, potentially spreading diseases like salmonella.

Coastal Brown Ant: Nest in and around pathways, gardens and walls. Will attack food around the property including meat, sweets, fruit and greasy foods.

And of course the Funnel Ant: This species are omnivores, they can eat proteins and will occasionally eat sugars from natural sources.


Funnel ants can also be aggressive when defending the nest and do have the ability to sting.

Is your lawn looking like the dark side of the moon, with craters popping up everywhere?  The Funnel Ant produce unsightly mounds in fairways and green surrounds, disturbing the soil structure.

I think these ants have a serious sweet tooth problem!

Ants are generally just annoying but can be very frustrating and at times embarrassing, so what to do?

You might try ant spray or powder, but they are only a temporary measure and going to come back, so what next?

The best thing to do is bring in a professional Pest Controller who can look over you premises and work out where the ants are. The Technician will leave special baits in window tracks, doorways and spray the exterior of your home or lawn surface and can provide a 3-month warranty on ant treatments.

If you need or want any advise and would like to book in a General Pest Control or Ant Treatment. Please call Accurate Pest Management on 1300 787 415 or go to our website and book online. 


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