Why call a professional Pest Controller


Why call a professional Pest Controller?

General Pest Control - Spiders

By Chris Nelson

Business Development Manager
Accurate Pest Management


What did the wife spider say to her husband when he tried to explain why he was late? Your spinning me a yarn here!

The dreaded spider, just where do I begin.  I don’t think there is anyone, who has not encountered a spider at some time and are a common sight in every home.

Like most people, I am not a fan of this particular creepy crawly insect and will move heaven and earth to make sure it is eradicated at all costs!!

Now this reminds me of incident told to me not so long ago.  This particular person, who shall remain nameless, but lets just say I now her really well, was fixing her hair, when a “MASSIVE” spider was seen in the bathroom.  After the initial screams and let’s say a few choice words, the old hairspray and lighter was used to kill this “MASSIVE” spider, nothing like a home made flamethrower in your home!  Not only is this really dangerous for the spider, but not so great for your home either.  Just how do you explain the massive burn mark on the wall?

There are probably not many spiders our pest control technicians have not encountered, so why not get a professional in to do the job, so you concentrate on the things you like to do most, and not worry about those eight legged and in my opinion very scary critters.

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