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Bed Bugs!

Why call a professional Pest Controller?


General Pest Control – Bedbugs

By Chris Nelson

Business Development Manager

Accurate Pest Management

Q: Did you hear about the two bedbugs who met in the mattress? 

A: They got married in the spring 

Until just recently, I didn’t know a lot about bedbugs.  I certainly new & heard of them and saw the movie Ocean’s 13, where they planted Bedbugs, but other than that I was very naïve about this critter.

A little bite of trivia: 

Who ever thought of the Good night saying to children 
‘Good night sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite’? 

Myth: “Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite” found its origin in the early 1700s, and it is a reminder to tighten the ropes on the bed before sleeping. The “bedbug” is the bed wrench, so “don't let the bedbugs bite” means to be careful and don't pinch your fingers on the wrench.

I also thought Bedbugs where microscopic, but guess what?  They are about the size of an apple seed! Gives me the creeps that something that big is walking over and feeding on you while you are sleeping…not tonight mutant Bed Bug!



Bedbugs are one of the true ‘bugs’; that is they are insects belonging to the 
Order Hemiptera.  This means they all have piercing and sucking mouthparts. 
A small proportion of the bugs are ectoparasites of animals, including those belonging to the Family Cimicidae, one of which is the bedbug (Cimex lectularius).

The adult Bed Bug live for around 6 months, the females lay 1-5 eggs per day and around 500 eggs in their lifetime.  The eggs take 6-10 days to hatch with 5 Nymphal stages, with each stage needing a blood meal to moult (6-8 weeks).

Bed Bugs tend to aggregate in sheltered places near hosts.

Most of their time they spent hiding in cracks and crevices in fairly close proximity to their sleeping host.  (The mattress seam is the most common hiding place).  Temperature is very important in host location and in most cases visit their host briefly in the few hours just before dawn.  After taking a blood meal they return to their hiding place.

When the Bedbug bites its victim, saliva with anticoagulant properties is injected…Awesome! The Bedbug have a tendency to ‘test bite’, which often results in a line of bites, which can cause mild to severe irritation. Movements of the bugs or scratching may facilitate infection of wounds.  To date, the Bedbug has not been implicated with any serious disease transmissions.  Well that’s a relief!

The treatment for Bedbugs is very specifically targeted and takes 2-3 treatments to break the cycle.

If you need or want any advise and would like to book in a Bedbug treatment or a General Pest Control.  Please call Accurate Pest Management on 1300 787 415 or go to our website and book online.




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