Why call a professional Pest Controller

Flying Termites/Alates!

Why call a professional Pest Controller?

Flying Termites/Alates

By Chris Nelson

Business Development Manager

Accurate Pest Management


So what are Alates? No they are not flying ants, but a special Royal Brood laid by the Queen Termite and carefully tendered by the workers.  When the temperature is just right, you know, those really hot and humid evenings, during the months of November and December. 

During these months, the potential king and queens will prepare to leave the nest to establish a new colony.

I experienced this phenomenon, not long after moving into my house a few years ago.  Over a period of 3-4 weeks, there was an endless stream of Alates all over the deck and surrounds.  Not only was this annoying, when all you want to do is relax in the evening…you know sit back with a nice drink on the deck and you are settled in for a good night and all of a sudden you are bombarded and covered with these flying termites…not a pleasant time.  

The potential for a pair of Alates to make a new nest in my home would be a disaster!

  Flying Ant                              Flying Termite/Alates

Luckily, the survival rate is very low in South East Queensland, even more so in Thailand!  Can you believe they eat them!

Apparently, Termite Alates are a prized food source, they are packed full of nutrients and have a delicious nutty taste. They can be eaten alone as a snack, typically flavored with soy sauce, chili and pepper, or lemon grass and kaffir lime leaf. They are also an accompaniment to a number of savory dishes… Don’t know about you, but they are not on my diet.

Okay, back to what I was saying.  So what do you do if you find Alates in your home? Mark Hayman, owner of Accurate Pest Management said, “Anyone finding Alates inside the home should contact a pest controller immediately”, during the hotter months it is important to make sure your termite measures are intact and make sure you get your annual termite inspection done.  

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