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Rodents are on the move...Does your Insurance Policy cover Rodent Damage!

Rodents are on the move…Does your Insurance Policy cover Rodent Damage!

As reported in the Courier Mail on Friday 28th May 2021, Homes ravaged by the mice plague gripping rural Australia are uninsurable from damage caused by rodents.  

It is reported that two of the Nation’s major insurers have confirmed general home and contents insurance does not protect against mice and rat plagues.  Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover rodent damage or removal. Infestations and the resulting damage are typically categorized as home maintenance issues, leaving the homeowner responsible for any expenses associated with removal or repair.

The article does go onto say that certain policies would cover fire or flooding damage caused by rodents.

Rodents cause extensive damage and spread disease, but often they chew through your electrical wires and some plumbing pipes, which could trigger fire or flooding.

Check your insurance policy on what you are covered for.  We are already seeing the influx and impact of Rodents and damage into some suburbs of Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast, with some areas on the Coast at almost plague levels. 

The colder weather brings on rodent activity, as they seek food and shelter to nest and with the plague out west, we are receiving more and more calls for help and to treat their rodent problems.

Keep an eye out, as there can be several signs of their presence around your home or office.

Most common signs are droppings, dirty rub marks and an unpleasant smell, and some teeth marks.

If you have found one of these signs it’s time for you to learn more about how to deal with rodent problems.

Through discovering more about rats and mice like their weakness or strength, you can eradicate their population - or of course, just give us a call! Know your enemies and you will win the battle before it even begins.

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