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Case Study – Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

By Chris Nelson

Business Development Manager
Accurate Pest Management

It’s time for another instalment and thought I would use myself as the case study.

Anyone who has purchased a house knows of the joy, but also the pain and heartbreak of trying to purchase that dream home!  You know, trying to get finance approval, then looking at a myriad of properties, (Yes, I am going of on a tangent, but I do find it amazing how some people, are trying to sell there home and it is left in a mess!  Beds not made, lawns not mowed etc.  Surely a well presented home will sell faster!!) Sorry I got side tracked again…lets get back to what I was saying...  Once you have found that property and you sign the contract, subject to building and pest inspection and to get it done before it is to LATE.

Well, after we decided to invest and buy our home on the Sunshine Coast, we looked and signed 3 contracts, before we finally managed to get that dream home.  You might think that is a lot of contracts and yes it is!  Thank the lord for getting a professional Building and Pest Control report.  It might have cost us a few dollars, but it saved us from being caught in a house with major problems. 

Each house we looked at had something majorly wrong.  The first home needed a new septic system, there’s a good $15 thousand extra we hadn’t counted on and even worse, I think the owners knew there was something wrong… really the whole deal stunk!


(There is a smell in here that will outlast religion)

The Second home was lucky it was still standing with all the termite damage! Talking about eaten out of house and home!

It is never a good scenario when the Timber Pest Inspector tells you to RUN.

The third home (not so lucky) was just a disaster with major roofing damage, wood root and major stump damage!  There’s about $50 thousand not covered by the bank!

Luckily for us, we managed to find a home with no damage and passed all inspections.

I wanted to tell you this, as it is vitally important to get a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection done, when you want to buy your dream home and just as important is to maintain your annual Visual Termite Inspections.

If you need or want any advise and would like to book in a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection, Termite Inspection or a Pest Control.

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