Why call a professional Pest Controller

General Pest Control - Cockroaches

Why call a professional Pest Controller?

General Pest Control - Cockroaches

By Chris Nelson

Business Development Manager

Accurate Pest Management

I don’t know if any of you have renovated? I know from experience that it can be quite a stressful time.

Let me tell you of my pest horror story and why getting a General Pest Control is so important.

It only seems liked yesterday when I renovated my kitchen, now this was a pretty big job, ripping out the old and replacing with new. 

I thought I had been doing the right thing over the years, when I had seen a cockroach I would hit it with insect spray and apply surface spray every now and then…yeah right!

Now I would say that nearly everyone has found a cockroach in their kitchen, it is just the Australian way, however to my shock & horror when the kitchen was removed!  OMG… Mouth Wide Open and hands on cheeks (Just like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone) There must have been close to a hundred cockroaches in behind the old cupboards, never mind the cockroach staining & poo! Disgusting! 

It just shows how important it is to get a regular pest control done, by a professional Pest Control Technician in and around your home.  For every cockroach you see, there is a hundred lurking in the walls.

If you need or want any advise and would like to book in a General Pest Control,

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