Why call a professional Pest Controller


Why call a professional Pest Controller?

General Pest Control - Bees

By Chris Nelson

Business Development Manager
Accurate Pest Management

What did the queen bee say to the naughty bee?
Bee-hive yourself!

I think that nearly everyone is well informed by now, that we need to save the humble Bee, however, when your home or car has become their dwelling, it comes down to them or us!

I would like to think that I care for nature, but since I have been working for Accurate Pest Management, I believe I have a better understanding. 

Having said that, a number of years ago I couldn’t make out where this terrible noise was coming from in my home.  After some exploring, I discovered that a colony of bee’s had moved into my brick cavity under the kitchen window.  The noise was unbelievable and after only a few days, literally hundreds of bees could be seen flying in and out of the weeps holes.  It was like watching an airport with bee coordinated landing and taking off!  It would put a military precision airstrike to shame.

So, once again Mr Do It Yourself here, decided to take them on.  This was not a great idea, as these suckers can sting.  I can tell you the good old fashion fly spray against hundreds of bees was not the best idea I have ever had!


Talk about a coordinated attack!  I had stings all over my body, on my arms and legs, neck and even up my shirt!  I looked like a walking pincushion.

I did eradicate the bee colony over time, but if I ever come across a situation like this again, I will be calling in professional help.

There are probably not many bee situations our pest control technicians have not encountered, so why not get a professional in to do the job, so you concentrate on the things you like to do most, and not worry about those flying honey producers.

If you need or want any advise and would like to book in a bee removal or General Pest Control.  Please call Accurate Pest Management on
1300 787 415 or go to our website and book online.




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