Why call a professional Pest Controller


Why call a professional Pest Controller?


By Chris Nelson

Business Development Manager

Accurate Pest Management

Q: What drink does a Silverfish order at the bar?
A: Liquid paper!


FINALLY an insect when seen that we don’t cringe, panic, scream or have to worry about biting, stinging or trying to kill you however, the Silverfish can cause a lot of damage to your clothes, books, photographs and even the wallpaper (Can’t believe that’s made a comeback!).

Silverfish are a very primitive insect belonging to the Order Ctenolepisma longicaudata (think we covered most of the alphabet).  This is a relatively small order with about 28 described species.

Did you know that the Silverfish is the only insect to moult as an adult.  Nymphs develop to adults over 3 months to 2 years and adults can live up to 4 years. 
A lot of damage done in that time frame!

The silverfish are agile, fast running but poor climbers on smooth surfaces.  They are nocturnal insects that don’t like the light.  Usually, the silverfish is found in dark, undisturbed places and are often spread widely throughout the home and are often found in roof cavities, wall voids and subfloor areas.

The silverfish feed on most types of human food but seem to prefer the starchy materials like clothes, books, photographs etc.  Any sources of glue, starch or sizing are likely going to attract the silverfish.


Our General Pest Control covers Cockroaches, Spider and Silverfish.
It doesn’t take long to get the job done right.

As professionals, we make sure we gel in the cupboard hinges, dust in cracks and crevices and spray in and around your home.  A job done well, will give you peace of mind.

If you need or want any advise and would like to book in a General Pest Control. Silverfish are covered as part of our General Pest Control including Spiders and Cockroahes.

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