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Leptospirosis on the rise!

Leptospirosis on the rise

What is Leptospirosis you may ask?
Leptospirosis is a disease caused by infection with a bacteria called Leptospira.

Leptospirosis is more often found in warm and humid climates and Queensland has a high rate of cases. Queensland was the first case in Australia and discovered in Ingham in 1934 amongst cane cutters.

Dogs are most at risk and can pick up the disease, which can survive for long periods of time in muddy waters, puddles, ditches or wet soil.  Dogs and in some cases domestic cats are at risk of contracting the disease integrating with diseased rodents or by touching wet soil or waters contaminated with diseased rodent urine.

Leptospirosis disease in animals with general sickness symptoms, can include lack of appetite, a reluctance to move, fever and chills.   In more severe cases you may see shivering, weakness, increased thirst & urination, vomiting & diarrhoea.

The infection can jump between animals and humans and has the ability to cause organ failure and death.

After the Covid-19 lockdown, which brought an increase of rodent activity to the suburbs, this unfortunately means there has been an increase in Leptospirosis.

Best course of action is to have your pet immunised, however if you are having a Termite Inspection or Pest Control why not take advantage to get a rodent treatment done at the same time and keep rodents away from your home and much-loved pets.

Accurate Pest Management is currently offering a discount on our rodent treatment pricing when combined with another service.

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